Traffic Generator Software

Traffic Generator Software 1.0

Generates TCP/UDP traffic using the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols
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The QoS Traffic Generator (codename Daytona) is a command-line based application that generates TCP/UDP traffic using the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.
It allows traffic to be sent at a specified throughput using either in-application throttling or QoS (Quality of Service) technologies in Windows Vista and Windows 7. The application operates in a client/server model, where the client sends traffic to the server and receives statistics. QoS is provided through Traffic Control and qWave.

Main features:
-Ability to send traffic at a specified throughput using Winsock from one machine to another
-Throttling is performed by the application itself or through QoS APIs (Traffic Control or qWave)
-Support TCP and UDP dual-mode sockets
-Provide traffic statistics from either the source machine or destination machine
-Can be built as a static library for use in other applications

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